website 008Mosley Insurance does it’s best to assist customers in preventing a claim in the first place. We have a wide variety of markets to offer the broadest coverage with the best carriers for the most competitive price. Due to our proximity to the coast and the high risk of tropical systems, there are times when claim avoidance is next to impossible.
The key to satisfactory claims settlement and damage reduction is preparation. This not only includes having the right coverage on your property which includes wind/hail and maintaining a flood policy, but preparing before the storm for how to proceed after. The following is a checklist of items we recommend:

  • Understand your coverage. If you have opening protection credits for wind on your policy, some policies warrant this protection be implemented as a condition of claim payment.
  • Store your insurance policies in a secure location.
  • Listen to local reports and heed evacuation warnings.
  • Designate a contact person to assist in inspecting your property if you will be unable to do so before or after the storm.
  • After the Storm…

  • You can file your claim direct with the insurance carrier, or call our office to report your claim. A claims number can be located on the declarations page of your insurance policy.
  • Take photos of the damage.
  • The majority of property policies allow for making temporary repairs of your property to prevent further damage. Save your receipts for reimbursement of these charges you incur. Do NOT throw away and damaged items if at all possible. Your adjuster will need evidence of what materials were damaged or destroyed.